"Beat the Menopause Body"


My vision is to "help women over forty regain their hotness"

and give menopause

the middle finger


Many of you have always been committed to looking good and feeling good, but as you hit the other side of forty, and fifty, the things you used to do to stay in shape no longer works. I'll show you WHY these things no longer works and WHAT you need to do instead of to get results fast and effectively

"Follow my Hormonal2Hot system where I take YOU on a journey with my secret hormone hacks that I used to "get my sexy back"

Chrissie McDonald
Hormone & Fitness Specialist

Ready to stop your hormones sabotaging your results?

We want to educate and empower you to take control back of your body, nutrition and health. This program will set you up with the skills and knowledge to get TONED, balance your HORMONES and break free from restrictive diets forever.


Our Features

Finally, a system designed by a woman just like you, for women just like you. A system that creates an environment for you to gain hormonal balance, get your body back, get your sexy back and finally feel in control of your life again

  • Complete nutrition plan

    A complete nutrition system with meals plans, recipes, and metabolic supportive, tasty food that the whole family can enjoy

  • Training/exercise app

    An easy to use complete training app for you to access anywhere, anytime. Gym based or home based programs available for all fitness levels.

  • FaceBook support group

    Your community, your tribe of like minded women on the exact same journey. A place where you will get support, encouragement and accountability and a place where you feel you belong 

  • Weekly coaching calls

    Gain access to weekly coaching calls, as well as access to your coach, Chrissie, to get clarity, support, ask questions and learn the important skills necessary in attaining your desired goal

  • Accountability

    Tracking progress system for accountability, including a weekly check in to identify any problems and acknowledge wins

  • Education and guidence 

    Education AND guidance in hormones, increasing metabolism, women’s physiology (how changing hormones and stress affect the body, and the increase in weight) mindset, and the daily practices needed to progress towards your desired goal



Personalised Exercise
Training Program


All the exercise programming is available through this fantastic app called TRAINERIZE. Whether you train from home, or at the gym, there is a pathway and program for you to simply follow

Nutritional Meal Plans
For Your Body


The nutrition and meal plans are super easy to follow, and won't keep you hungry or feel like you are missing out on yummy food. There are many delicious tasty simple recipes to follow

Personal Expert
Accountability Coach


Most women say they need some accountability to keep them on track. So in the Hormonal To Hot system, there is an accountability system that allows women to stay on the right path, and have the accountability they need to push through the road blocks the inevitably will come their way on their journey

The 5 Step System
YOUR Hormone Type


The 5 step system is available on laptop or mobile device, and follows a 5 step method, with clear tasks and outcomes to progress through each stage of the program with the end the end result in mind


Chrissie is often referred to as “Pocket rocket”.


She has spent the last 28 years in the fitness industry, starting out as a group fitness instructor before moving onto the gym floor as a personal trainer.

Being in her 50’s, having 2 grown children and an active grandson to run around after, Chrissie found it harder to stay in shape than it had been previously, even though she remained active.


She found that “everything changed” once she reached her early 50’s and needed to discover why


She decided to fight the natural inclination to submit to age, weight gain and becoming old and found a system that worked for her that created a hot body, even in her 50’s.


Chrissie uncovered the hidden enemy that kept her from achieving desired goals and created a proven system that keeps not only herself, but 100’s women 40+ to be fit, healthy, strong and empowered.


She understands the hardships, the frustrations and the roadblocks that women over 40 experience that definitely sabotage progress in achieving a strong toned fit body and in establishing solid habits to keep that body


Chrissie's specialty area has developed within the niche of women 40+ who have always exercised, always been fit and active but are now finding it harder to stay in shape and lose weight due to hormonal changes, and now invites women 40+ who have always been the fit active strong women to rediscover their body and get their strength and power back with the Hormonal2Hot system

Not Convinced Yet?


It's YOUR Time...


    Would you rather put yourself through yet another diet, that just leaves you hungry, craving carbs and binge eating, or would you rather follow a simple system to start losing weight straight away.


    How many diets will it take to create sustainable achievable weight loss.

    The answer is none. Because they never give you what you want long term. This system has the ability to get results without restrictive eating, without surviving on lettuce leave and kale and without focusing on the “diet


    Get excited! You are going to be able to slip back into those clothes that have been hiding in your wardrobe for months, possibly even years!


    Changes in hormones, metabolism and the lack of prioritizing your own needs and desires over everyone else’s has maybe left you feeling overweight, frumpy, out of shape and definitely struggling to get into those beautiful outfits you once wore, that you can’t bring yourself to throw away.You tell yourself, “One day, I will fit that size 10 again”…but alas, that one day never comes


    If you honestly truly desperately want to fit your wardrobe again, and feel comfortable sexy and in shape, then you are in the right place to achieve that very goal


    Finally a system that teaches women over 40 what they need to get what they want. 4 key areas :mindset, hormones, metabolism AND what it really takes to lose weight, control hormones, revive metabolism and rebuild thought patterns to support a new lifestyle, not destroy it.


    This is the type of guidance and education that no one ever tells you. This is the real deal, lead by a woman who has walked the journey before you. 100’s of women have walked this same path and experienced their own amazing transformation.

    Will you be next……?


    When you begin to see changes on the outside, you will begin to feel good about yourself on the inside. A woman who feels good about herself radiates confidence, and that is sexy. Not only does a confident woman rock the body she is in, a confident woman believes she can do anything and be anything she wants to be.

    But it has to start with getting back in shape, losing the excess weight, and loving the body you are in

Are you ready to transform your life from



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